Bon Iver, Nova Amor, James Blake,Vancouve Sleep Clinic, Firewoodisland
Bon Iver, Nova Amor, James Blake,Vancouve Sleep Clinic, Firewoodisland

Firewoodisland release indie-folk ballad ‘Snow(Dripping Woollen Jumpers)’

Stian Vedøy and Abi Eleri are Firewoodisland, and they’ve just released their new single ‘Snow(Dripping Woollen Jumpers)’ – a beautifully harmonised indie-folk ballad centred around the memory of childhood winters. 

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The duo’s strength seems to lie in Stian’s assured vocals and Abi’s innate ability to place a perfect harmony in the perfect place. The duo call their sound “mountain-pop” – especially fitting for this track. Musically and thematically it is honest and earthy, and retains a clarity of musical and lyrical vision that has become customary for Firewoodisland

They explain the origins of the track: “Having not seen our Norwegian family for a long while, this song was written as a trip down memory lane. A throwback to being a child enveloped in the atmosphere during winter – the freezing shimmering snowflakes descending from nowhere, the safety of a warm living room lit by a fireplace. To complement the sentiment, we decided to keep the track relatively stripped-down but with a lot of little details and cinematic elements. We’re hoping for people to share in the warm memories and connect with the nostalgia of snowy winters.”

Snow (Dripping Woollen Jumpers)’ features on the Spotify playlist

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  Image credit: Dave Newbould

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