Happyness {Great Minds think alike, all brains taste the same}

For a new band, Happyness somehow give you a strange sense of nostalgia. Whether its the simplicity of the tracks that resemble some early noughties bands like ‘Eels’ or the fact that the simple song structures and soft lyrics make you feel instantly relaxed, they’re a refreshing band for being stripped back and basic in both instrumentation and songwriting.

With their upcoming debut album ‘Weird Little Birthday’ on the way, the band have uploaded ‘Great Minds Think Alike, All Brains Taste The Same’ to their Soundcloud for anyone to hear. If the album follows in the footsteps on this track, it will definitely be worth getting your hands on. With the basic, guitar, bass, drums and vocals (a touch of keys, also) it is sure to be an easy listening Summer album.


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