Fake Laugh {Kinda Girl}

Following the release of his self-titled debut album earlier this year, London-based Kamran Khan aka Fake Laugh has shared a new video and confirmed a matinee London show for this Saturday afternoon at Union Chapel. The video for “Kinda Girl” was made by Felix Aaron who said: “The whole idea for the video came up while watching these background videos to songs in an old karaoke-bar in Berlin. We tried to imitate this distinct TV-Show vibe from the 70’s and 80’s, where instead of green screens they used actual footage as a backdrop… Kam and I felt this sort of nostalgic and hazy aesthetic would fit well with the dreamy nature of the song.”

Fake Laugh will play at London’s Union Chapel this coming Saturday lunchtime, Dec 16th, for Daylight Music.

Fake Laugh’s self-titled debut album arrived this July as the delicate accumulation of years of experimentation. Unfurling slowly, the full length was a gradual process: part playfulness, part search for pop perfection. Tuning into the digital disconnect of contemporary life, the album is a vivid rummage through the familiar worlds of love, confusion and self-questioning, refocused through the bright lens of Berlin-born, London-based artist Kamran Khan.

Fake Laugh presents eleven tracks of unbridled pop hooks; a melodic sense of escapism, echoing with poignant refrains and thoughtful musings. He invites you to get lost, and be found again, all within the compact universe of his sun-dappled and thoroughly captivating debut full-length.

Watch the video for ‘Kinda Girl’ here:

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