Erio {Limerence}

On February 14th, Italian Avant-Pop producer ‘Erio’, in collaboration with record label La Tempresta (IT) and Knowloon Records (UK), released the powerful new video for his single ‘Limerance’.

 The video production comes along with dark atmospheric audio, including rhythmic melodies in and unique wide-ranged vocals, recorded by Paolo Baldini. During the video Erio communicates a very direct, unabashed desire for the human body closely relating fear with excitement.

The unique and mysterious video caught our attention, and will surely be of great interest to those interested in fine and inspiring artwork.

Video Director: Gabriele Paoli
Actors: Massimo Faccioli, Iacovos Kyrlitsias, Giacomo Bianchi,
Benjamin Konadu Yirenky, Angelica Coren, Daniele Paol,
Lucia Celemin Diaz, Airida Genler, Erio
Venue: Blundell Street Studios

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