Arc Iris announce new album and share first single, “$GNMS”

Arc Iris announce their new album Icon of Ego, set for release Oct 12th via Ba Da Bing Records. The first single “$GNMS” is streaming online now. This autumn, Arc Iris releases Icon of Ego, their third groundbreaking album, as a trio that packs the heft of a far bigger band with fully realised sonic and visual intensity. Overcoming rebuffs and rejections, Arc Iris has become an unstoppable force out of necessity. On Icon of Ego, they deliver heavily and ask nothing in return. 

Stream ‘$GNMS’ by Arc Iris below

With heavy synthesizer work by Tenorio and Adams, and seemingly impossible transitions executed effortlessly by Belli, the songs on Icon of Ego carry a thick, analog electronic sound that harks back to the 70s. Presiding over these are Adams’ powerful vocals that house the energy under pop forms.

Nowhere is this more evident than in “$GNMS,” a complete reinterpretation of Money Gnomes,” the lead track on the first album. Where the original version carried a folksy looseness, with a banjo and brush drums, the new iteration goes total sci-fi. Any impish charm is wrung out and sculpted into Kraftwerkian logarithms. Plugged-in machines replace acoustic instruments, and the song’s renewal mirrors that adjustment. Witnessing “$GNMS” develop over the years is a rare window into the changing goals of a band, as these played out through the recordings.

Arc Iris is never more self-defined than when faced with difficulty. Icon of Ego is about Arc Iris overcoming adversity and ultimately coming out leaner, sharper, and more fully realised.

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