Chantitown announces new EP and shares new hum-filled single, ‘Road That Never Ends’

British singer-songwriter, Chantitown, shared a hypnotic new single in the form of ‘Road That Never Ends’ which is taken from her upcoming EP, Nightingale which will be released independently on the 14th of December. Her second record to see the light of the day, Chantitown released her debut EP earlier this year with the title track ‘Cause and the Cure’ receiving global attention.

With an extraordinary desire to create timeless material that knows no boundaries or limitations, London-born Chantitown combines empowering and inspiring music with her genuinely gifted lyricism and storytelling abilities, a skill she developed whilst writing expressive poetry at the early age of only thirteen

Chantitown’s ‘Road That Never Ends’ is one of her best tracks to date. A simple teaser on what to expect from her upcoming EP, if this is what we can expect from the English songstress, then this might be the record that garners her a lot of attention. ‘Road That Never Ends’ has absolutely beautiful humming to fill in the breaks in between the verses and chorus. An uplifting yet haunting track, this bittersweet track is complemented by a hypnotic drum beat, tender tambourine and delicate guitar licks swooshing in between Chantitown’s powerful vocal performance, reminding us that even though we appear to be strong on the surface, if you look a little bit deeper you might find a sensitive soul simply looking to find their place. 

Listen to Chantitown – Road That Never Ends via Spotify below:

Chantitown comments on her new single: 
I love living in the city but it’s easy to become jaded and feel like you’re on a long road with no end. I walk side by side with those who on the surface, appear to have everything held together, but they feel lost, guilty and disillusioned by the choices they make. We should stop being so hard on ourselves, life is already very hard without the added pressure. Even in my most jaded times, I had hope and knew I could do things differently if I really wanted to. I wrote this song knowing there would be many who share the sentiment in quiet moments of reflection. Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote “a poet is a nightingale, who sits in darkness and sings to cheer its own solitude with sweet sounds”; I’ll hold onto that thought.”

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