Australian artist Mulholland Blond shares latest single and provocative-pop hit ‘Fever’

Australian singer/producer Mulholland Blond marries liquid-like vocals, hot and sticky synths and added sex appeal to create a steamy, provocative brand of ‘sex-pop’. According to the artist’s Facebook page, Mulholland Blond states that the latest single, ‘Fever’ reflects on “lust and hookup culture”, commenting, “I wanted to explore the passion and spark that drives a one-night romance; the desire for intimacy and the craving for affection. We live in an era where artificial connection is the norm and I think people long for physical interaction, more so than ever. Drawing from personal experiences, I decided to portray this form of lust as a bodily take over, a ‘fever’ and the only way to heal is to sink in and sweat it out.”

“Fever” is an immersive, candy-coated pop success; blistering synthesisers, smooth, mammoth basslines, attentive percussion and of course, Mulholland Blond’s dynamic falsetto vocals lull us into suggestive bliss thunder rolls out, the oceans roar and the mountains crumble.

Stream the latest single Fever by Mulholland Blond below

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