Listen To Old Fashioned Lover Boy’s jazz-infused ‘I Pray’

‘I Pray’ is the recent single by singer-songwriter, Alessandro Panzeri, better known as Old Fashioned Lover Boy. The Milan-based artist released the track on January 25th via A Modest Proposal Records, and looks set to release an LP later this year.

Old Fashioned Lover Boy is hardly a stranger on the circuit. His 2016 debut album, ‘Our Life Will Be Made Up Of Simple Things’, contained the breakout hit, ‘Oh My Love’ which racked up over 200 thousand streams on Spotify. It was included in playlists such as Fresh Finds,  as well as part of FatCat RecordsDEMOSITE with further support from tastemaker publications like Clash Mag and Spill Magazine.

‘I Pray’ is a jazz-infused ballad, pleasant and easy to listen to. It showcases Panzeri’s vocals,  which each tender percussion hit, subtle guitar lick, and piano chord work together to enhance.

On ‘I Pray’, Panzeri seems to take a warm, honest approach to difficult issues, finding glimmers of light even in the darkest moments. 

 “‘I Pray’ is about the feeling of solitude and misunderstanding that each of us has had at least once in our life, when you feel you deserve more fulfillment from your life. The track is not strictly biographical, but it does encompass a feeling I’ve felt before.” he says.

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