Known for his viral high-production music videos, Nico Cartosio is back with ‘Melting’, for the romantics

Nico Cartosio is a master in being able to convey a story by means of music. Even though his tracks are all instrumental, he is able to climb inside the mind of each listener and guide the imagination exactly where he wants it to go. He recently released ‘Melting’, the title track of his upcoming album which is due for release on the 17th of April. 

If you haven’t seen Nico Cartosio‘s music videos yet, then you are seriously missing out. Do yourself a favour and watch each and every one. It’s a cinematic experience you won’t soon forget. You can watch them all on his Youtube channel

‘Melting’’ evokes uplifting and serene landscapes as the soothing melody flows across each bar; growing and shrinking at the most fitting moments allowing the listener with space to breathe. One can’t help but notice a similar listening experience to that of Debussy’s iconic ‘Clair De Lune’ as ‘Melting’s romantic and vivacious harmonies conjures a smile on your face. Violins, brass sections and Cartosio’s signature piano are all elements that bring this composition together, showcasing yet again that he is bringing classical music into the 21st Century.  Speaking about this track, Lyz Cooper from The British Academy of Sound Therapy said “This piece is uplifting and enables the spirit to soar. If you’re listening to it while in a relationship, it can encourage feelings of love“.

Commenting on this experience, Cartosio said, “It was so beautiful as if I was in some amazingly beautiful movie. Only Sorrentino could’ve shot such a film. I remember looking at the Roman girl and hearing how she sounded. My charming companion became a melody herself. Because of this enormous beauty, which she gave me, for the first time in my life did I understand what it means when you’re melting. So this music composition is my gratitude for the la Grande bellezza – to Rome and to the beautiful Roman girl.”

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