Chantitowns song, ‘Sinking into Blue receives an electrifying remix by Krono

Chantitown has just had her single, ‘Sinking into Blue’ remixed by legendary remixer Krono.  The track was premiered yesterday via XS Noize and you can be one of the first to hear it here. ‘Sinking into Blue was originally released last year along with her ‘Cause and the Cure’ EP.

The collaboration is an interesting one, with Chantitown’s style sitting closer to alternative-pop while Krono fully embraces his electronic roots. However, despite (or perhaps because of) the unusual circumstances, the remixed track shines forth, with the electronic embellishments complimenting British songstress’ voice.

Chantitown herself displays a true love of poetry, between her lyrics for her ethereal rock music or on her social media, where she posts quotes from ‘Dead Poets Society’ and John Lennon. The result is music that’s created specifically to make an emotional impact upon its listeners.

She continues to rewards her fans by posting her poetic lyrics on her website:
“If I should die 
Before I wake
Your coloured sky
Begins to fade
Field of dreams
Come visit me
My Journey Ends
Your Journey Begins”
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