Emotionally compelling Avant-pop and electro-pop artist MOGAN releases EP, Gutter

UK-based musician MOGAN has released their EP titled Gutter via sinc(x) Records. Conductor Minas (Hana2k, Luke RV and Dead Method) was involved with the mixing and mastering of the EP. MOGAN is known for their beautifully outrageous outfits and peculiar yet captivating performances. They have cited Bjork, Liars, Peaches, Dirty Beaches, and  Broadcast as major influences for their craft.

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Phuture Life adds their thoughts on the EP, “MOGAN’s EP is emotionally complex, going down a few rabbit holes in the process. This may not be the ideal comfort EP to most, but it is certainly raw with thought and emotional fuel. It may require numerous replays, but it all worth the process in order to pick up on details that you may have missed in the first listen.”

MOGAN shares, “I poured a lot of negative emotions into the writing of this EP. Anger, confusion, shame, and embarrassment  – all things that we consider damaging or harmful. This is where the title came from because the EP felt like an appropriate place to spill that kind of shit into.”

The EP has a lot of darkness to digest, but in a way, I feel connected to MOGAN’s voice pulling me along with them into the dark abyss. I feel that MOGAN has a lot of creativity to offer, and I cannot wait to see what happens next…

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