Birmingham-based alt-pop trio Lycio releases song ‘Somebody’

UK alt-pop trio Lycio have released their single, ‘Somebody’ via Lycio Records. Lycio takes a just approach with their music development, allowing a collaborative and democratic work environment.  The group consists of vocalist and lyricist Genie Mendez, keyboardist Charlie Kellie, and drummer Alex Lowe. All three members are multi-instrumentalists and perform without backing tracks or playback. The songs are usually written around Mendez’s mental health, and world views. However, their new song ‘Somebody’ takes a new direction.

Genie Mendez shares her thoughts on the single, “I actually thought I’d try a different lyrical approach with this song. I’m rarely one to write about romance and our songs are usually entangled with expressions of my own mental health. So to have such a lyrically open chorus where I’m so clearly talking about unrequited love is definitely a first for us. Although I’ve still kept the verses dark and mysterious, this song is definitely about wanting someone so bad but them not quite wanting you back. Then you get this really catchy chorus, and I did want it to be as catchy as a Jess Glynne or Fickle Friends track, ‘cause they’re really good at grabbing the listener like that. So I hope you all enjoy listening to it the way we enjoy performing it.”

Music blog Sound Labyrinth adds,” UK alt-pop trio Lycio experiment with uplifting synth elements in their new single ‘Somebody’. The single carries an empowering sentiment of love unrequited does not have to dampen your parade, but rather just move onto the next best thing for your life, and that there will be other lovers in your life.”

Lycio takes the delicate topic of unrequited love, and create an uplifting anthem instead, resulting in Lycio crushing it. Mendez’s voice soars along with the dynamic instrumentation of  Kellie and Lowe.

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