Cornwall indie-alternative band Milo Gore share ‘Green Eyes’ video

Image: Josh Collins

Cornwall indie-alternative band Milo Gore releases their punchy video for their new single ‘Green Eyes’. Based on the true experiences of lead singer Milo past relationship. The single will feature on their new album How Do You Cope While Grieving For The Living? (20 August 2020). The album has an impressive team behind it, including producer Pete Prokopiw (Mumford & Sons, Florence & The Machine), Mixing Engineer Andy Savours (Sigur Ros, The Horrors, Arctic Monkeys) and Mastering Engineer Guy Davie (Jamie T, The Streets, King Krule).

The video suggests feelings of being content within yourself in the end, and not looking for validation from other people to determine how you are going to feel about yourself. In the video, the lead male is looking for reassurance in the relationship with his girlfriend, but it is evident that they both need to be apart. In the end, he ends up alone in the same meeting place where he met his girlfriend after they have separated. The video ends with him smiling, signifying that he will be just fine on his own.

Milo Gore explains in finer detail, “The ‘Green Eyes’ music video is about the rise and fall of Milo’s past relationship. The video depicts the story of how he and his girlfriend first met, and consequently, how they drifted apart. The two should have never ended up together – they both had issues with their mental health, issues that were clearly going unchecked. Perhaps that’s what initially brought them together? However, it was sadly the thing that also tore them apart.

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