Music producer BEANS ON TOAST releases new song ‘Human Contact’

Isolated from those we love and yearning to be with friends again, ‘Human Contact’ is a tender new song released by BEANS ON TOAST that will strike a chord with millions in lockdown right now.

In this strange new world where we’re all trying to find new ways to reach-out without touching, make contact, but only at a safe distance; ‘Human Contact’ eloquently captures the daily dilemmas we face as we pull-together to beat the coronavirus.

Featuring just Beans and an acoustic guitar, the songwriter opens-up a universal conversation with his frank and endearing social commentary. From missing those tactile trademarks like hugs and high-fives that we once exchanged so freely, to dreaming of the massive get-togethers to be had when the world begins to turn again; ‘Human Contact’ is a touching epiphany from the times we live in.

‘Human Contact’ was written, recorded and released from quarantine and is available via his website today, hitting streaming services from this Friday 15th May. Following last month’s equally topical: ‘Strange Days’, the new song is his second original recording to emerge since lockdown began. Warm and relatable, timely and true, Beans’ latest material finds him reaching-out in the way he’s always known best.

‘Human Contact’ also arrives with a beautiful video filmed during Beans on Toast’s set at Boomtown in 2019. Paying homage to the gigs and festivals he references that have made him “feel at home”, the video is a tangible reminder of the joys of festival season that awaits us when this is all over…

BEANS ON TOAST appeared in a feature on Exit Through Sound

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