Sister trio ROY3LS releases new song ‘Heavy’

All-female sister trio, ROY3LS, celebrate the release of their bubbly new single Heavy available on all streaming platforms.

“With the release of our new single Heavy, we wanted to showcase our dynamic vocals,” explains Destini, Faith, and Stefanie of ROY3LS. “In the rough times we’re currently experiencing, we wanted to create something bubbly, light, and fun. Nothing serious; it’s not heavy!”

With previous releases, Quality Lady, Be Somebody, Souls, and Stampede; they accomplish a unique vibe and for today’s pop culture scene.

The statement ROY3LS: BY BLOOD contains a significant depth of meaning that surpasses the literal fact that they are sisters. This trio seeks to connect with people at a much deeper level and aims to create music that penetrates the mindsets and paradigms of culture, religion, and social barriers. Each song seeks to uncover those places, moments, and mindsets of our lives that hold us hostage and limits our God-given potential to be all we were created to become through the sacrifice of Christ.

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