Afropop duo Tenny Eddy & Mwuana share debut song ‘Komaro’

New duo Tenny Eddy & Mwuana release their debut collaboration together ‘Komaro’, an explosive introduction to a pairing built on contrast and unlikely brotherhood.

For fans of REMA, Reekado Banks & Burna Boy, Komaro is an incendiary first taste of Tenny & Mwuana’s twist on Afropop. The raw youthful talent from Tenny Eddy mixes seamlessly with Mwuana’s more experienced production to create something unique, yet instantly approachable.

An afrobeats singer hailing from Nigeria, Tenny Eddy met Swedish rap sensation Mwuana online, through mutual friends and immediately connected through music. With dreams of following contemporaries such as REMA, Tenny travelled almost 5000 miles to Sweden, to spend time in the studio with Mwuana. The final result, was an EP that’s unashamedly diverse, combining elements of Afrobeats, Grime, Dancehall and more into a cultural melting pot.

Mwuana is a Swedish Grammy nominee and won best HipHop/RnB at Swedish P3 Gold Award (BBC Radio 1 equivalent). Now, having amassed over 400k monthly listeners, he is one of the most sought-after names in his field.

Speaking on the collaboration – Mwuana said “I went to meet up a friend that I hadn’t seen in a long time. We jumped in is car and he told me about this guy he knew down in Nigeria called Tenny Eddy.  He played some music Tenny had sent to him on WhatsApp, and then he played Komaro. The whole car was bumpin and I thought, yo who is this guy?” He adds “finally my friend asked me if I wanted to jump on the song and there was no question about it. Tenny came up to Sweden where we started to make more music and structure the whole thing. The rest is history.”

For Tenny, the inception of the song could also be credited to the power of the internet and social media. “I heard a song on an Instagram post and before the song started the intro aspect of the beat was playing and I started vibing to it and recorded the harmonies on a small phone till I got the chorus. I closed and open the post countless times, trying to get the actual tune. Then I called a producer friend of mine and told him I’m coming right away to record something.”

The story of Tenny Eddy & Mwuana is, at its core, a story of unlikely friendship. A testament to the connective power of music, two artists continents apart have collaborated to create exciting new sounds without borders or boundaries. Their music is truly global – and they’re ready for it to be listened to across the world.

‘Komaro’ is out now via DIKTATOR Records.

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