Escape with pop producer obylx song ‘Another Life’synth pop

  Credit: Cal Bain (Wide Eyed Studios)

Music producer obylx has dropped new gem ‘Another Life’ via Guise Records. For any hardcore 80 arcade and synth-pop fans, this track will have you longing to go back in time. This song focuses on the “what if?” moments that we all have at some point in our life.

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Previously featured on POP Music with song ‘Skin’, they mentioned, “‘Skin’ carries the important message of being assertive, and voicing your opinion, but it is still an upbeat banger that you can rock out with which is a plus for someone who needs motivation.” 

‘Another Life’ deceives the listener the idea of the “happy” song energy of its predecessor with its upbeat design. The track however takes a more somber approach lyrically with the idea of not being able to start over in a relationship, that it can never be restored or mended back together in this lifetime.

Stay tuned with obylx news, as he is soon to release his anticipated third full-length album Out Of The Woods this December. 

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