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DJ duo Snowk collaborate on new electronic & RnB song fusion

Image Credit: Gabriella Achadinha

The weekend is fast approaching us. Why not get into the weekend spirit early with the new single  ‘Under The Moon ft. J.Lamotta’ by renowned production duo Snowk. This track though sweet-sounding with its gentle and sultry charm has enough punch to be a dynamite electronic banger. 

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Singer J.Lamotta Suzume talks about the collaboration amidst the pandemic, “Last summer, I found myself working mainly on projects with people from Japan, and the collaboration with Snowk was one of them. When I first heard his beat, my feet started tapping on the floor. I started singing some ideas over it, and everything came together. The lyrics came relatively quickly, the melodies were flowing out, and I was dancing. It’s easy to collaborate with such freedom. Snowk and I never met in person, but we managed to get things done from far away and with mutual trust.”

‘Under The Moon ft. J.Lamotta’  will feature on the Snowks upcoming album Powder, which is set for release on the 22nd of January 2021.

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