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Indie-folk songstress Marya Stark enchants with album Sapphire

 Image Credit: Sydni Indman

Storyteller and singer Marya Stark music is a true work of wonder and mysticism. It is divine in its ethereal flair along with Stark’s ability to capture the listener through angelic vocals that leave one to dream and explore the unexplored. 

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The songstress has revealed her latest album Sapphire via Rose Bard Arts, hooking the listener into her electric energy that taps into her magical world with songs like ‘Stargazer Ft. Elijah Ray’.

Marya Stark shares her inspiration for the new album: “The album, Sapphire was inspired by a lucid dream. It is a journey in healing from the grief of ages, and listening to the wisdom in the melting of the glaciers. I wrote several songs on ‘Sapphire’ as an exploration of time, about the great love drama of incarnation, and to tell a tale about the power of beauty, awe and wonder.” 

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