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Indie pop band Good Wilson release a feel-good lockdown anthem

After releasing their debut album in March 2020, Good Wilson are now back with “Comedown Primetime” – a feelgood lockdown-pop track. Isolation. To really unwind, all the way down. Cause actually it’s kind of nice to have time for anxiety and self-doubt. Kicking it off by wallowing in memories, trying to figure out every single thing you’ve done wrong. Mentally feasting on blurred pictures of long past relationships. Just completely indulging in the feeling of feeling sorry for yourself – no workouts, no fresh air, and absolutely no banana bread. A time to cozy up on your couch and glory in Comedown Primetime, passionately devoting yourself to a lovely little breakdown. Cause in the back of your head you know exactly that everything’s going to be alright again. Skygazing works from at home too – out of the window.

Good Wilson are Günther Paulitsch, Alex Connaughton, Mario Fartacek and Julian Pieber. Thanks to skygazing the four-piece band escaped a near-infinite time-loop around Vienna in 2019, that’s why they refer to their music style as “sky gaze” – dream pop for starring at the sky and letting the mind drift off. The ethereal but catchy sound structure decoys the listener into letting go of everyday life and completely disconnect from reality.

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