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Dance between genres with Eulene and her latest EP

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Climb into the mind of Eulene with her newly released self-titled EP. Here, you’ll find ‘Momma’ which explores motherhood in the most non-traditional way perceivable with a strong set of vocals that dart between soothing and almost rap-like. ‘Heartbreak Hostage’, on the other hand, is a tender sonnet to the loss of her father that was accompanied by a mesmerising music video

On her website, the American singer-songwriter tells us about the concept of the EP: “I wanted to break away from my typical writing defaults and comfort zones to create this new record,” Eulene shares. “Every song was written solely on a simple beat or rhythm pattern, and I heard in my head a distinct architectural design for each song with sonics that wrapped around the melodies and rhythms.”

According to her bio, Eulene had an idyllic childhood, with a few spells of rebellion to keep things interesting. Arts ran deep within the family as her grandmother was a portrait photographer and her parents frequented music festivals on a regular basis. Even her brother joined her in ballet classes, when they weren’t bunking to explore the local music stores. It’s easy to see how such an upbringing resulted in the extremely creative spirit we see before us today. Catch a piece of the magic below:

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