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Dance-pop duo Elephants Everywhere produce song about lost love

Image credit: Chester Pink

It’s a warm summer night and you are spending it alone with your high school sweetheart on the beachfront. It’s almost curfew and you are about to call it a night when your love pulls you in for a goodnight kiss. After your high school graduation, you realize that you may have to follow different ventures. You also realize that the long-distance method is not going to be an option, so you say your bitter goodbyes. 

Cut to a few years into the future, you are in a somewhat stable relationship, but you do not feel fulfilled by it. ‘Give Me Love’ by Elephants Everywhere starts playing in the background as you sit and think about nights spent on the beach cuddled up to your love of yesteryear. Consisting of music producers John Shekerjian & Sean Bartoshuk, Elephants Everywhere was born from the lockdown period. With the hopes of producing something lighthearted while tensions and anxiety levels are high – this duo definitely succeeded with this reminiscent love tale of new beginnings and happy conclusions. 

Elephants Everywhere is a Los Angeles based dance-pop duo, with a  sweet catch to their sound. The duo incorporates the use of acoustic instruments into their production, proving to be a delightful production team that is not afraid to experiment and have a structural edge added to their sound.

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