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Alternative band Giant Sky protest LGBTQ+ hate

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Calling all avid lovers of the stellar works of alternative acts like Cranberries, Soccer Mommy and Wolf Alice to full attention. Band and activists for mental health Giant Sky have unveiled their latest single ‘Human’ via Bloody Sunset Records. This latest offering is sure to leave you feeling pumped up for a day of conquering mundane & tedious tasks that feel like a constant kick in the ass.

Stream/Download – ‘Human’

Formed together with vocalist Olivia Bond, the band unveiled their single ‘Snow’ which spoke about the negative spiral the pandemic left a lot of people in when they needed human interaction the most. A definite treasure, ‘Snow’ provided a gently anthemic energy to many playlists in the past few months. ‘Human’ takes an edgier instrumental approach with pounding drum sequences and sizzling guitar riffs that will shake any negative feelings you may have about yourself or the outside world right off.

‘Human’ pays particular attention to the marginalized LGBTQ+ community in our world, as Olivia Bond sings words of protest and disgust against people who mistreat anyone because of their sexual orientation. This is an important message, and having bands protest against the unjust ways of the world instead of material possessions is definitely one to support and admire. 

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