ANOHNI , Bjork, FKA Twigs, Fifi Rong
ANOHNI , Bjork, FKA Twigs, Fifi Rong

Singer Fifi Rong explores dark fantasy with the song ‘Dream On’

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Dreamy in its sound properties, ‘Dream On’ from avant pop songstress Fifi Rong takes a subtly darker approach to its views on the modern dating scene. Beauty standards change and infiltrate the minds of potential partners. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose in the game of love. Fifi Rong dives into these fears of finding a genuine connection in the age where you can just effortlessly swipe left or right on another individual without a second thought. 

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Rong’s single ‘Only Man’ left us breathless with its heartfelt lyrics. Phuture life previously praised Fifi’s production style: “ Her soothing sound to the track ‘Only Man’ opens with an eerie soundscape before it begins to grow and develop. Fifi Rong touches on the emotive side of the audience as she describes the love brilliantly in her latest offering while showcasing her talented vocal range. Her production of the track can be described as eloquent as it showcases her finesse in contextualising the album. ‘Only Man’ is a track that is well worth a listen, particularly if you are into the complex nature of love.”

‘Only Man’ veered into darker territory in terms of unrequited love and the struggle of moving on, ‘Dream On’ follows a similar sentiment with more insight on a love that is not meant to be. This track appears more guarded lyrically but still, charms with Rong’s lullaby-esque vocals that leave us feeling utter bliss and excitement for her forthcoming album There Is A Funeral In My Heart For Every Man I Loved.  While we await the forthcoming album release, be sure to check out Fifi’s Yi Jing Live Performance Series .

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