Alsahra & The Nubatones, El Morabba3, Altin Gün, Jamila & The Other Heroes
Alsahra & The Nubatones, El Morabba3, Altin Gün, Jamila & The Other Heroes

Band Jamila & The Other Heroes celebrate diverse cultures with latest music video

Band Jamila & The Other Heroes celebrate their diverse backgrounds with their music, and the result is a culmination of influences that result in lively psychedelic rock music. Their new song ‘BORDER SYNDROME’ released via Springstoff/ slowtrane has opened the table for more discord around the political rage in the middle east. Their latest video elaborates on the process of travel and the awkward encounters between the inspection officers when travelling to the middle east. This release focuses on lead singer Jamila Al-Yousef’s own humiliating experiences of being subjected to scrutiny when crossing a new border.

Stream /Download: ‘BORDER SYNDROME احلام بلا حدود’ 

Previously featured on iGuitar when the single was released, they commented: With emotionally rich and realistic views, Jamila elaborates on her reality as a white-passing Arab woman: “I am an emotionally white-passing girl / except for her where my Palestiness takes off my protection fur”. Emotionally raw and honest words are what to expect in this latest offering. We wouldn’t expect anything less from this noteworthy band that is changing the view of arrogant and ignorant people that exist in our humanity one song at a time.”

This Berlin-based band is sure to leave its mark with a unique sound and statements.  They recently performed at Belin’s Sysysphos and plan to do more performances soon in open-air theatres for the safety of all the attendees. We look forward to what they reveal in the following months. 

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