Elderbrook, Cannons,A R I Z O N A, Freddie Future, Physical Presents
Elderbrook, Cannons,A R I Z O N A, Freddie Future, Physical Presents

Dance-pop artist Freddie Future shares vivacious Physical Presents song

    Image credit: Carly Hughes-Horvath

Picture an intimate night with your special person. You feel all giddy inside as your lips meet as you let the bottle of champagne bubble over. Do you need the perfect mellow and upbeat playlist to compliment the evening? I reckon that list should definitely feature Freddie Future’s latest single ‘Loving You (So High)’ via Physical Presents. This track is a laidback tune packed with soothing rhythms that are perfect for those skin touching skin moments that could possibly occur.

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Freddie Future is an emerging Canadian act that has been heating up playlists like New Music Friday Canada, Fresh Finds, Just Vibing and Outliers in recent times. The single was also mixed by fellow Physical Presents talent Anthony Kalabretta and has that effortlessly breezy vibe that Anthony’s music always encompasses. Freddie Future’s vocals are also a charming factor in this release, kind of vivacious and masculine in the same breath.

The singer shares: “’Loving You’ was the first track written for this new project, and instantly I knew there was something special here. The song is about being so consumed with a desire for someone that their love feels like the best drug you could ever have. It’s that ultimate state of euphoria you feel when you truly love that person. The song started with a few vibey chords but really came together once the catchy vocal hook was made. “I get so high off loving you. So high, so high, so high”.”

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