Jet-G, Bjork, London Grammar, Portishead and Aphex Twin
Jet-G, Bjork, London Grammar, Portishead and Aphex Twin

Jet-G shares intimate video for new single ‘Keep Me Waiting’

Jet-G is the collaboration between electronic producers Jolliffe, ECKOES, Modestep’s founding member Tony Terror and GENTRY. The London-based quartet has been causing a stir with their minimalistic sound and have even piqued the interest of Skunk Anansie vocalist Skin, who remarked “Beautifully recorded to bring out a truly delicious voice, really love it.”

Their new single ‘Keep Me Waiting’ has just been unveiled and is a moving track with deep, dark lyrics, stunning vocals and captivating instrumentals.

Stream / Download: ‘Keep Me Waiting’

On ‘Keep Me Waiting’ Jet -G bring in sounds and instruments that speak of tragedy and loss. “Our latest song is about how it must feel to lose your unborn child alone in a hospital bed. To be told there’s no heartbeat but you can hear life as normal continuing outside,” says vocalist ECKOES.

Although the track is thematically melancholic, the result is surprisingly meditative. ‘Keep Me Waiting’ won’t be your feel-good holiday anthem, but not all music has to be. 

The studio video for the single is an interesting window into the group’s intimate recording process. The viewer is able to immerse themself in the track,  garnering better insight into each member’s role in the group.

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