Billie Eilish, Lana Del Rey, ELIS NOA,Jordan Rakei
Billie Eilish, Lana Del Rey, ELIS NOA,Jordan Rakei

Interview with groove infused pop duo ELIS NOA

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Emerging soul & RnB duo ELIS NOA share honest and heartfelt sentiments with their latest single ‘Weights’ via Las Vegas Records. Sincere but still groove laden, the band consists of members Aaron and Elisa who both studied jazz at Vienna’s Music University. Despite the fact that they cover topics of heartache and despair lyrically, one cannot help but tap their feet along to the laidback rhythm and instrumentation that sounds like sunshine in a song. We asked the band a few questions about their unique sound and the deeper meaning behind their latest track ‘Weights’ below. 

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Tell us about your year so far, are there any highlights?

Our two single releases ‘I Don’t Like It Here’ and ‘Weights’ have been received very well so far. 🙂 We’re enjoying this moment where we can finally share what’s been going on in the last year and what we’ve been cooking creatively. It’s also beautiful to get messages from people who have shared how they relate to the songs. <3

Describe your latest release.

This release was very special as we combined it with a live video session that we recorded at our house. We had a very specific visual idea with lots of plants, and we wanted to create an atmosphere that mirrored the world of the song’s sound. We were very lucky to have been working with a team that understood what we wanted to create and couldn’t be happier with the result.

This song speaks on relationships that drain your energy and emotions. When do you think it’s best to stay, and when do you think you should leave?

Elisa: I don’t think there is an absolute answer for that. Relationships aren’t always supposed to be fun or without conflict. But if it is more draining to you than uplifting then I think you should take a step back and observe yourself. I learned a lot about myself through doing this, especially when I was drawn to someone who could only offer me a certain type of friendship. After I understood why I kept accepting that, I was able to let go of that type of attachment.

What does success look like to you?

Elisa: Success to me is having the ability and freedom to express my thoughts, feelings and inner life through the medium of songwriting and music creation. I’ve always disconnected success with outer components as I never felt as enthusiastic about anything if I didn’t feel completely able to be myself in it. 

With this LP I Was Just About To Leave, I feel like I was able to put color and meaning into a phase of my life that I had struggled to understand for quite a while. Making these songs was the only and best way to reflect on what was happening and also make sense of feelings through poetry, melodies and song production.

Do you allow current events to impact your creativity or do you prefer to focus on the abstract?

Elisa: As I said, my inner life is the force that allows me to create anything artistically.

What does an ideal day look like to you?

Elisa: An ideal day for me would be long breakfasts, conversations with Aaron, creative songwriting or production session in the studio, evening yoga, a drink and dancing with a close friend.

What is the boldest thing that you have ever done?

Elisa: Probably being as open about my intimate thoughts as I was on our debut album What Do You Desire?. It was one of my best decisions creatively, and one of the most freeing things, especially coming from a very traditional Italian household.

Describe your relationship with your fans.

We are regularly astonished at how deeply our songs impact our audiences at times. We’re also very grateful for their openness about how they react to our music and the message they get when we meet some people after our concerts.

‘Weights’ will be your second single release for 2022. In what ways has your sound evolved since you started ELIS NOA?

Since we started working on music, we have grown creatively and technically. We have a much clearer idea of how we want to express ourselves. With every production that we finish, our sound evolves and grows. It’s great to see where we stand now when looking back on past releases, and we’re excited to see where this project will take us.

What can we expect from you in the months to come?

You can expect a great LP from us. It’s called I Was Just About To Leave. It is a story of letting go, and we invite you to dive deep into it and connect to the songs in whichever way you want to. Contact us if you wanna share your thoughts. 🙂

We are looking forward to the festival Summer where we are going to play all-new songs from the album. We also have an album release tour in September. See you there. <3

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