Röyksopp, Lykke Li, MARIA Die RUHE,MØ
Röyksopp, Lykke Li, MARIA Die RUHE,MØ

MARIA Die RUHE sings in mother tongue with ‘Musik Ist Meine Sprache’

 Image credit: Christian Schneider

In celebration of music and the impact it has on her life, musician MARIA Die RUHE shares her latest single ‘Musik Ist Meine Sprache’. This Reduced To The Root banger features the German-born artist singing in her mother tongue along with some French and English vocals added into the mix. The producer has lived in vibrant cities like Berlin, San Francisco, and London which are all known for their lavish and authentic music scenes and clubs.

Stream/ download: ‘Musik Ist Meine Sprache’

Previously featured on Sound Lab with her song ‘Superrare’, the blog remarked: “The track itself has a danceable beat like the preceding track ‘Skin’ but accelerates the mood with a darker electronic vibe and gentle ripples of techno notes. “

‘Musik Ist Meine Sprache’ features on HOUSE_GROUND.fm

A rare diamond, the singer continues to remain true to her routes and identity as a musician with each release. ‘Musik Ist Meine Sprache’ is a lighthearted and spirited track that celebrates life and liberating yourself from societal constraints. So turn up the volume and let your body move freely to MARIA Die RUHE’s refined and electronically and vocally balanced work that pays homage to her many travels and adventures.

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