Tori Amos, The Weeknd, ena mori, Grimes
Tori Amos, The Weeknd, ena mori, Grimes

Q&A with delightful ‘SOS’ singer ena mori

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Untamed and unfiltered in what she sings, ena mori’s latest single ‘SOS’ via  Offshore Music Ph is a fiery track ideal for the mind that feels like it is restricted and dying inside as result. Living in a world that is ruled by negativity and corruption daily, we are thankful for musicians like ena mori who use their music to encourage the listener to challenge themselves to live a life that is true to what they believe is right for them. We had the chance to ask the warm and inviting musician ena mori a few questions about her mission and goals in the industry in this Q&A with her. 

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Tell us about your year so far, are there any highlights?

It’s been very productive and fun. I think coming back on stage and performing in front of people again is one of the highlights of this year so far. For so long we all waited for small gatherings to be allowed here in the Philippines, so the first gig after a very long lockdown was emotional for me.

Describe your latest release.

‘SOS’ is about looking after our friends, looking after ourselves, and being united for a better future. I wanted to write a song about how hard it is to live for a lot of kids these days. As for the song’s production, I was inspired by the mid-60s space-age sounds and TV commercials. I think this record is a great representation of the upcoming album that I am currently working on.

You also previously mentioned that ‘SOS’ was written to inspire the youth and your friends to follow their passion. Why was this an important message for you to share? 

I’ve always had a passion for music. I get stuck many times, but I know I’ll go back to music no matter how frustrated I am. 

Passion keeps us alive and gives us character. All of us are born passionate, but when the time passes, we can lose this drive. And it’s hard to find this desire again despite the resources that we have. I hope that this song will inspire my friends and their friends to be authentic and bold. 

What does success look like to you?

I think for me, I feel truly successful when I see someone adding my music into their lives, however that might be. It might be jamming in the shower or a lifesaver. I have many records that are close to my heart, and I hope that one day, my song will be as meaningful as those records were for me.

Do you allow current events to impact your creativity or do you prefer to focus on the abstract?

Events that are current or at least something that I personally feel or think are what spikes my creativity, even in the abstract form. I like to write songs that reflect what I think.

This track was co-written and produced by Timothy Run from the renowned Filipino band One Click Straight, can you please describe the process of collaborating with him? 

Working with Tim excites me all the time. I usually show him a demo of the song, and from there we build the production and the arrangement of the song. We sometimes argue about the production or the arrangement, but most of the time Tim knows exactly what I want in the song, and he even expands on the idea in ways that I never thought of. I think my favorite part of working with Tim is that there is always a surprise when I work with him.

What does an ideal day look like to you?

A day that starts off with a good cup of coffee, and no social media! I don’t like to rush things, everyday seems so fast these days, I like to keep everything as slow as I can.

What is the boldest thing that you have ever done?

I think pursuing music is the boldest thing I have ever done. I could’ve chosen a different path at any time. With all the consequences involved, pursuing music is the riskiest decision I have made in my life.

Describe your relationship with your fans.

After I perform, I try my best to get to know the fans that came to watch the show. I am amazed by how creative and talented all of my fans are. I also get inspiration from my fans creatively, and that’s what keeps me going when I feel down. I am very lucky to have people that enjoy my music.

What can we expect from you in the months to come?

I have an album that is coming out in late July/ early August. It is my first album and I am very excited for everyone to hear it.

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