KARMACODA, Paloma Faith, Adele and Pixie Lott
KARMACODA, Paloma Faith, Adele and Pixie Lott

Passionate RnB band KARMACODA are lyrical genius in ‘Dare’

Image credit: Bill Schupp

Threesome band KARMACODA offers their brand-new single ‘Dare’ via Sola Musa Music. The chic musicians boast vocalist and producer Brett Crockett, also known as B, vocalist Jessica Ford and multi-instrumentalist (Bass and other unique elements) Eric Matsuno.  

Stream / Download: KARMACODA – Lessons In Time LP

The title stands as a testament to the alluring and uplifting power of lyricism in ‘Dare’ as found in the following lyrics sang: 

“I dare you to want me”

“I dare you to want me boy”

At first glance, the listener could interpret them as a desperate cry for help, however, there is power in asking for what one wants in life instead of assuming that another person or other people will know that you want

The below lyrics further reinforce the strengthening element of the lyrics:

“And I cry each time I think about but our last goodbye”

“And I hold on to the day you’ll give me one more try”

A close study of the above words illuminates the presence of hope and the acceptance of reality; “our last goodbye” highlights the fact that illusions and distorted realities have not been created and “you’ll give me” indicates that the lyrics propagate healthy personal boundaries in relationships.  

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Vocalist and producer Brett Crockett elaborate on the subject of the latest LP with these words: “Lessons in Time is about both looking forward to what the future will be and simultaneously looking back at what we once had, what we loved, and what we lost.  Themes of time and flying and the need for emotional personal connections emerged, unconsciously, but they were obvious once the album was done”.



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