Kayla Williams, Beyonce and Rihanna
Kayla Williams, Beyonce and Rihanna

Singer-songwriter Kayla Williams leads with new song ‘Jouska’

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London-based Electropop musician Kayla Williams is a trendsetter with the latest song ‘Jouska’ oozes through-provoking and alluring connotations that are connected to internal self-talk. Bold vocals dominate the track which is described by Kayla as a “dark pop” that  “presents the thoughts of someone who is trying to piece together the words they will say to their significant other amid a breakup”. Raudio pursued their curiosity with ‘Jouska’, read the full interview below: 

How has ‘Jouska’ changed your life?

Jouska allowed me to take a sad situation and turn it into something beautiful. This is one of my favourite songs that carries a lot of deep emotions throughout the entire thing. I think this song sonically was a very accurate representation of myself and my aesthetic and it allowed me to be my fullest self in front of my audience which is a great feeling. Many listeners have reached out to me expressing how much they related to the song and it has inspired me to keep creating.

What would you like listeners to take away from the song?

I would like listeners to know that it’s okay to put yourself first and to remove yourself from bad

situations and relationships. It will always be hard at first but sometimes it is necessary to get rid of whatever is weighing you down. I also speak about still being there for the person even after the breakup but from a distance because even though things have ended I would still like to be there to support them if ever needed.

Tell us about your year so far, are there any highlights?

I am spending this Spring in London and so far it has been amazing. I love being in this city, the

architecture, and the culture. Another highlight has been releasing ‘Jouska’. This song has been ready for about 2 months, so I am very excited to finally have it released. 

Describe your latest release.

My latest release is titled ‘Jouska’.  “jouska”; is not commonly used in everyday conversation, I think it is a feeling that many people can relate to or experience. “Jouska” is a noun that

means a hypothetical conversation you compulsively play out in your head over and over. This track presents the thoughts of the protagonist who is trying to piece together the words they will say to their significant other amid a breakup. Echoes, repetition, and airy vocals are used to reinforce the idea of being in their head and replaying over and over how they will lead the conversation. “Jouska” carries a unique electronic aspect with beautiful synths and unpredictable percussive adds that build up towards the end hinting that the protagonist has reached a resolution and is confident in how the conversation will end. 

What does success look like to you?

Having a positive impact on others through the art I put out. I also have a long list of milestones and goals that I am working to achieve.

Do you allow current events to impact your creativity or do you prefer to focus on the abstract?

A lot of my creativity stems from emotions that I have felt and situations I have experienced; nonetheless, when writing, I like to stay somewhat abstract so that even if someone hasn’t been in my specific situation, there is still a way for them to relate to the song.

What does an ideal day look like to you?

During the week, I attend school and hang out with my friends in the local cafe or other eateries. After I finish my schoolwork, I use the rest of the evening to work on my music. During the weekends, I love to attend music events, work on my music and spend time in the studio or just rest when needed.

What is the boldest thing that you have ever done?

Although I grew up overseas, I am currently studying at Spelman College in Atlanta. Studying abroad in the United Kingdom was a very bold move for me. It was a very last-minute decision that happened out of nowhere. I feel that everything happens for a reason and I am excited to see where this decision will lead me. 

Describe your relationship with your fans

I get a lot of direct messages from people telling me how much they relate to my music and sharing their thoughts on the lyrics, videos, etc. It’s always nice to have one of those conversations because it allows us to realise that a lot of us are very similar and have been through similar experiences.

What can we expect from you in the months to come?

I am currently working on new music. There are a lot of different music styles I am experimenting with and I can’t wait to share my creations with the world.

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