Marti West, Simple Minds, Bon Iver, The Tallest Man On Earth
Marti West, Simple Minds, Bon Iver, The Tallest Man On Earth

Musician Marti West offer a breakup anthem with new song

Image credit: Daniel Israel-Quinn

Tunesmith and singer Marti West offered his brand-new song ‘Nobody Knows Me (Like You)’ via Marti West Music on the 3rd of February. Marti enjoys support from notable industry publications, including EARMILK, Echoes And Dus. The skilful musician’s single ‘Give Me Light’ was recently licensed for Netflix’s hit movie Love in the Villa after its use in Volvo’s First Trip commercial.

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Gentle guitar strings and leisured Hit-hats are dominant in ‘Nobody Knows Me (Like You)’, resulting in a soft rock ballad that will serve the purpose of externalising and voicing post-break-up tantrums. The alluring element of this song is the presence of an alternation between the dominance of the electric guitar strings followed by the Hit-hats, all supported patiently by the bass guitar. 

Marti West discusses the question surrounding romantic relationships that the song poses with these words: “Having lived in London for a little while now, I’m very aware how hard it is to meet someone you feel a connection with – especially in a big city. Fresh from a recent breakup, the song is basically about asking yourself, ‘did I make a mistake?’”

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