Marti West, Simple Minds, Bon Iver, The Tallest Man On Earth
Marti West, Simple Minds, Bon Iver, The Tallest Man On Earth

Marti West grapples with loss in new album

Image credit: @Daniel Israel-Quinn

Tuscany-born songwriter Marti West has released his fourth full-length album. Titled Talking To Strangers, the project toils with feelings of estrangement set to guitar and vintage synths.

Stream / Download: Marti West – Talking To Strangers

In his new album, Marti West skims the edge of heartbreak. The theme punctuates the project, interspersed with moments have joy. Though brief, the feeling is palpable in the retro 80s-style production. For the rest, the project carries a lonesome melancholy, which gives the work its distinctive ambience. The lead single, ‘Out Of My Head’, carries said emotions, the video for which you can watch below.

To this end, he tells us that “‘Talking To Strangers’ is an album about a relationship that has broken down. From misery and denial in ‘Somebody New’, self-questioning in ‘Always’ and ‘Out Of My Head’, to acceptance in ‘Most Of The Time’, the songs portray a voice that is processing feelings of grief, depression, and isolation. There’s drive and exuberance in the music though, and enough ‘80s synths and defiant drums to offer more than a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.”

Talking To Strangers Tracklist: 

1. Always

2. Nobody Knows Me (Like You)

3. Out Of My Head

4. Talking To Strangers

5. Circles

6. Out Of My Hands

7. Somebody New

8. Most Of The Time

9. We Could Be Good Together

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