Launch yourself into Whammyboy’s galaxy with his infectious debut EP ‘SPACE POP VOL.1’

24-year-old  Whammyboy (Noah Johansen) is a Norwegian artist and producer who released his debut EP SPACE POP VOL.1 on September 22, 2023, the same day he played at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany. The EP consists of five tracks whose singles were released over the course of 2023. Describing his genre as ‘space pop’, Whammyboy has carved a place for himself in Europe’s indie-electronic scene. The songs on his debut EP have been played multiple times on Jack Saunders’ BBC Radio 1 Future Artists show, and in July, Whammyboy was selected as the NEXT WAVE Artist on the same program. In Norway, several of the singles have been listed on Norwegian radio stations like P3, P1, and P13 for an extended period.

Despite being known to be an electrifying live performer, Whammyboy is an introvert who prefers to spend most of his time in the studio. SPACE POP VOL.1 was written, produced and mixed by the man himself. The focus track, ‘Enjoy The Feeling’, is a high-energy EDM number with catchy belting vocals and euphoric swirling synths. Each track’s production and arrangements are irresistibly dance-ready, while Whammyboy’s vocals soar between euphoria and catharsis with ease.  It’s enigmatic, infectious, and phantasmal.

Describing his music, Whammyboy says: “I have labeled my music as Space Pop to give myself a genre of my own, so I could feel that I could define what I can do in my own expression. I felt it was suitable since I like the sound to be a bit spaced with echoes and reverbs, and it’s, in a way, an alternative form of pop in my eyes. Sometimes I pretend that some of the songs are being played on the radio on extraterrestrial planets, haha.”

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