Phoebe Coco shines on enchanting EP ‘I Am Not A Machine’

London-based artist and composer Phoebe Coco returns with her highly anticipated EP, I Am Not A Machine, released on October 13th. To celebrate this milestone, Phoebe Coco performed at Saint Pancras Old Church on the same date. With her fresh combination of organic and electronic instrumentation, Coco invites listeners into a world where the natural and urban collide. She has graced stages at renowned festivals like Shambala Festival and Iceland Airwaves, as well as intimate venues such as The Old Blue Last, The Sebright, and Peckham Audio, solidifying her presence on the London music scene.

As a committed community and ecological activist, Phoebe Coco uses her music to bring attention to environmental themes. Her work has been featured on BBC 4‘s Front Row, and she has contributed to the award-winning Urban Tree Festival with her project “Tree Song”.

I Am Not A Machine is a reflection of Phoebe Coco‘s exploration of living contradictions and the interplay between wilderness and city life, investigating the profound relationship between humans and the natural world. Abound with magical melodies, and harmonizing tones, each track has an enchanting yet haunting feel to it. Coco’s voice is resplendent and clear in its delivery, almost ethereal, as it blends perfectly with the interesting chord progressions and backing instrumentals. Her commitment to preserving the natural world is a clear and central theme in I Am Not A Machine, as she encourages listeners to “slow down, listen, and reflect on.”

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