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Solarrio scintillates with sweltering synthpop single, ‘Forever’

Solarrio is the moniker of David Barenboim, a citizen of the world with international influences. His latest single, ‘Forever’, released 10 November takes listeners on a journey into caramel-coated nostalgia. Born to classical musicians, Solarrio has explored the full gamut of musical matters. His path has led him from performing with rock outfits to becoming one of the most sought-after hip-hop producers in Germany. Now, Solarrio uses his wide array of experiences to create a unique blend of eighties-inspired synthpop, R&B, and funk. Listen to the upbeat new single here:

Gearing up for his upcoming, 2024 album, ‘All The Wrong Places’, scheduled for release in Spring via Playel Records, Solarrio is already turning heads with his dreamy melodies and romantic undertones with a modern twist. Live saxophone elevates the production work, drawing new emotional heights for the artist. The upcoming LP’s first two singles, ‘B the 1’ and ‘NLF’ featuring Holland Izz, have already made waves in the worldwide club scene. 

Originally written years ago as an instrumental, Barenheim dug it out from his archives and shared it with Craig Walker, who helped breathe new life into the track. ‘Forever’ promises the lush tones and warm atmosphere of a bygone era, inviting the listener to forge a new reality informed by what could have been.

Solarrio shares insights into his creative process, stating, “This song feels like nostalgia. That one moment you want to hold on to for the rest of your life. It’s funny because looking back, we tend to remember the good things way more than the bad, as if the ‘good old days’ didn’t include many of the same problems we face now. But this song sounds and feels like a summer breeze on a beach or like your high school prom, haha.”

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