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Legendary trio KARMACODA release a tender new single, ‘Unfolded (Put A Little Love)’

Timeless trio KARMACODA released their latest single, ‘Unfolded (Put a Little Love)’, on March 22nd, 2024, via Sola Musa Music. Following their January 2024 release of ‘Try At Me,’ praised by NOTION Magazine, the San Franciscan outfit consists of Jessica Ford (vocals), Brett Crockett aka B. (vocals and producer), and Eric Matsuno (bass and unique elements). Their music has been acclaimed by EARMILK, CLASH Magazine, and Wonderland Magazine, while also receiving airplay on NPR Music and RTÉ 2XM. With a diverse discography, film and TV placements, and numerous awards over two decades, KARMACODA blends genres such as electronica, chill, trip-hop, R&B, rock, and dream pop. Their genre-blending style, currently drawing comparisons to the likes of Adele, Alicia Keys, and Leona Lewis, captivates audiences with soulful R&B and jazz lounge influences.

‘Unfolded (Put a Little Love)’ is a sincere tribute to the deep emotions of falling in love. Through its gentle mix of soulful keys, subtle jazz percussion, and captivating synth strings, the song immerses listeners in a realm of affection. Jessica’s expressive vocals gracefully convey the excitement and passion of newfound love.

Jessica divulged: It’s that feel good song with admittance of loving someone and letting them know how you feel. You can’t keep it a secret anymore. You gotta tell them, hoping they will feel the same. Mad crush vibes with a tinge of nervousness, when you finally let the cat out of the bag. Like “are you feeling what I’m feeling?” If so, let’s take this friendship to the next level, and I’m feeling excited so… put a little love in your heart and match me.”



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