Sisyphus {Sisyphus}

Based off Greek mythology, Hip Hop/Indie group Sisyphus have gone digital. Crossing borders with the sounds of ‘Calm It Down’ brings you a mix of stripped down Hip Hop at its finest with raw lyricism on a bed of deep electro funk. Keeping it simple has worked for these guys, as you find yourself being allowed to lay back and fully appreciate their wordplay as well as vibe to their melody. This effect is completely reversed on ‘Take Me’ as it almost seems as though you’re demonically drugged into a trance of mesmerising, therapeutic, relaxation. A great balance of diversity with this digital album as with the likes of ‘Booty Call’ you get comical references to video games entwined with the attempt of seduction. A colosal mix of rhythmic hip hop lyrics and electronic/indie reverberation in ‘My Oh My’ which captures your attention with life references that many can relate to. Ten out of ten for Sisyphus.

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