MissinCat w/ La Boum Fatale {Mother}

Born in Milan but having lived in Berlin since she started her solo career, Caterina Barbier aka MissinCat has created, together with some of the most exciting music projects in Germany and abroad, an EP that consists of five tracks with five different artists: Hundreds, Me & My Drummer, Robot Koch, La Boum Fatale and Federico Albanese.

Every single track is an exciting collaboration and has its own unique story. Different worlds and musical styles collide and bring energy and life into the music, but at the same time staying true to her own unique style. Each track remains recognizable as a MissinCat song, creating a consistent, soulful sonic landscape throughout the EP.

“Mother” which features a collaboration with La Boum Fatale, fsubstantiates MissinCat’s capacity to evoke an emotional connection to her music – a sound that buries itself deep below the skin. The breadth of her musical tastes, as well as her idiosyncratic vocal abilities, are redolent of Bjork, yet completely untethered to the shackles of any single genre.

Watch the video below

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