Jilk {Clavoline}

Taken from Jilk’s album Joy In The End, the video for Clavoline was created by Kayla Painter.

Band members Jonathan Worsley, Cags Diep, Terry Owen and Neil Gay have shared the ideation process of the album every step of the way,  releasing their most beautiful set of compositions yet. Through an apocalyptic narrative, the album explores themes of hope found in desolation and the eventual and inevitable cyclical return of loss and joy. An album for the current worrying times as well as the personal joys that can combat those worries.

This is Jilk’s most collaborative effort as a collective to date. The influences and styles are eclectic; strings, guitars, synths, brass, voice, percussion, noise, concrète and glitch meet to create an overwhelmingly alluring set of compositions. Delicate electronic textures frame neo-classical arrangements while heart-wrenching vocals and guttural bass lines drive the album forward through 11 tracks of folktronic, drone based walls of sound.

Watch Clavoline below:

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