Eclectic Muso Evelinn Trouble shares her single Hope Music

Ahead of her upcoming release of her EP eclectic muso Evelinn Trouble has shared ‘Hope Music.’ The new single follows her previous single ‘Monstruous’ which garnered exceptional support from heavyweight publications Clash Magazine, All Things Go Music, Noisey and Variance Mag. The EP also titled “Hope Music” will be released on the 4th of May through Radicalis. The single was released on the 13th of April and is a superb addition to the growing resume of the Berlin-based artist. Evelinn Trouble originates from Zurich, and has already received over a quarter million Youtube views, been supported by Line Of Best Fit and her track ‘Sunset Everytime’ was named “The 33 best Swiss rock, indie and alternative songs of the year” by Noisey as well as received radioplay from Switzerland’s Radio SRF3. Evelinn Trouble has performed back-up vocals for Swiss musician Sophie Hunger, collaborated with STRESS, and performed as festivals The Great Escape Festival and Montreux Jazz Festival.

Evelinn Trouble hails from Zurich and was introduced to music by her Swedish jazz singer mother.  “Performing in front of drunk punks at 2 am on a stage, on the verge of collapsing teaches you everything you need to know as a musician,” she says which left her with emotional and physical scars. One of which was acquired during her early twenties by jumping in front of a moving train. Awaking in a hospital bed after surviving 10 000 volts of electricity. Using all of these challenges to channel her music, the singer has four albums and three EP’s under her belt, emerging as visual and creative powerhouse who directs her own music videos as well as videos for other bands. Evelinn Trouble also dabbles in theatre and has performed in opera’s such as the classic Wizard of Oz. 

With influences from Frank Zappa, Nina Simone, Karon Dalton and Jimi Hendrix, Evelinn Trouble has produced and recorded ‘Hope Music’ herself similar to her previous release which was done over a two year period in different spaces like hotel rooms, attic spaces in different parts around the globe. Her music can be compared to the likes of as Thom Yorke and Patti Smith. ‘Hope Music’ displays Evelinn Trouble’s outstanding vocals, her intense lyrics and optimism. Every line of the song delivers glimpses of hope and insight into a life lived and recorded by Trouble. 

The singer uses her past as a foundation to create, inspire and grow. Although the artist has a reputation for dark lyrics, “Hope Music” aims to radiate positivity and optimism. The vocals are cheerful and light and the beat high-tempo which gives every listener the belief that “Hope Music” will be that force that saves her soul.

Speaking of ‘Hope Music’, Trouble comments: “I was struggling to see anything in a positive light and I suspected that it had something to do with the music I was writing, which tends to be melancholic. I thought if I’d manage to write something life-affirming, things would face up. But in order to write something, I have to feel it first, so I made a big effort to teach myself to “think positive“. I became obsessed with the idea of self-transformation, got really into sports, healthy living.

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