Xan Griffin and KRONO remix KONGSTED’s single “Boomerang”

Electronic producer Xan Griffin and chill-house duo KRONO have remixed the latest work by Danish DJ and producer KONGSTED’s single ‘Boomerang” which has been set for release on 15th June via Universal Music. 

Xan Langston, better known as XAN GRIFFIN is a Californian producer and electronic musician. GRIFFIN has also remixed for big shots such as The Chainsmokers and Illenium during his extensive career and has recently collaborated with an eclectic cast of producers and musicians such as Tedy, WOLFE, Lilianna Wilde, Emelia Ali, NÉONHÈART, Love, Alexa, Koo Read, WILD, Darcy and many more.

French chill-house duo and brothers KRONO have made some extraordinary waves since their inception, with a playcount of nearly 170 million via YouTube alone, it’s no surprise that respected DJs such as Junior Sanchez and Miguel Campbell started to take notice – KRONO then got to work on various remixes and collaborations by artists such as Aaron Smith, Luvli, LinYing and VanJess gaining the duo a considerable amount of exposure.

XAN GRIFFIN remixes ‘Boomerang’ to emotive levels. An anthemic break, surrounded by herculean future-bass leanings, encompassing on the many ways in which this seasonal classic can be reinterpreted. KRONO on the other hand, takes KONGSTED’sBoomerang’ to immersive levels; cascading atmospheres, rich and deep beat production techniques, including pulsating basslines perfectly aligned to the intoxicating groove.

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