Belgian electronic maestro and composer Poltrock shares mini-documentary on the creative process behind trilogy of LPs ‘Mutes’, ‘Moods’ & ‘Machines’

Belgian electronic musician, composer and producer David Poltrock, simply known under the recording moniker Poltrock has just premiered a short documentary on the creative process and influence surrounding his latest, and most compelling piece of work to date – a trilogy of LPs, Mutes, Moods & Machines, all featuring different modes of classically influenced electronic pieces, compositions and expansive atmospheric movements, and self-released separately throughout the course of 2018.

Not too long ago, we wrote our thoughts on his latest release, ‘Machines’ which you can read here

This mini-documentary, in part with Kamerad, chronicles how each complimentary LP, Mutes, Moods & Machines was conceptualised over a five-year long period for three full length albums to be consecutively released throughout 2018 with an 88-day interval, all highlighting a different approach to the 88 different piano keys.
The first in the trilogy, Mutes, is a swarm of short, intimate piano improvisations, and the second part, Moods is a series of atmospheric and cinematic ‘scapes blending organic and planned piano pieces together with hypnotic drones and dynamic textures.
The third and final instalment of the trilogy, Machines an instrumental-electronic-based body combining electronica aspects, encompassing on the long, arduous yet relentless journey as whole. David’s refreshing statement, “I don’t know what I am. I’m just a guy, who wants to tell a story with his music..” is an extremely heartfelt, and down to Earth response to the intense and introspective journey just undergone, and now we get to experience this journey ourselves to it’s full embodiment and reflective storytelling.

Watch the mini-doc, “Poltrock // A Short Story about ‘Mutes, Moods & Machines'” below

Currently as a producer David Poltrock holds credit for working on albums and tracks by artists from Tom Helsen to Arid, Lois Lane to K’s Choice and an array of other notable collaborations for which he’s achieved three Belgian number 1 hits, including the track ‘Home’ (Tom Helsen) and ‘Sadness’. As a composer, David has also contributed to many songs by established Belgian artists such as Monza, Clouseau and Paulien Mathues.

The album ‘Kompass ohne Norden’ by Berlin-based rapper Prinz Pi was co-authored by Poltrock himself winning a gold award selling 150,000 copies in Germany alone. Taking inspirational cues and spawning nods to similarly like-minded producers and musicians like Jon Hopkins, Ryuchi Sakamoto, Rival Consoles, Tim Hecker etc, Poltrock’s music could be best likened to classically trained electronic artists and composers such as Nils Frahm, Max Richter, blending ambient, electronica, techno, house and IDM akin to electronic producers Stephan Bodzin or Marc Romboy.

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[Image credit: Julie Calbert]

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