Fragrance Releases ‘Hazy Strobes’: Classic Sound Through a Classic Film

Parisian, Matthieu Roche AKA Fragrance has just this recently released his debut album Now That I’m Real on 22 February following the music video for his first single ‘Hazy Strobes’. This synth-pop offering has that classic 80s aura elevated with modern amps and reimagining, which would be well appreciated by synth-pop fans new and old. 

‘Hazy strobes’ appropriately named for the sombre lyrical content about being blinded by heartache, features vocals by fellow Synth Religion artist Hante. The lyric video for the single shows cuts taken from 1933 film Extase (Ecstasy), which if you’re unaware is celebrated as the first non-pornographic film to feature nudity, sexual intercourse and to portray the female orgasm. It’s curious that Fragrance would chose this specific film to be the visuals for ‘Hazy Strobes’ but it does make for an intoxicating watch.    

Watch the video here.

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