The Japanese House Releases New Album ‘Good At Falling’

Following an impressive string of EP releases, Amber Bain AKA The Japanese House has finally dropped her debut Album, ‘Good at Falling’ on 5 March under the Dirty Hit label. Bain has maintained her shroud of mystery throughout her four-year career, keeping fans drawn in by the unknown character of this glitchy indie electronic artist. 

It’s quite easy to see why fans are so drawn to her because the sound she produces is quite weird. I would by no means call The Japanese House typical electronica. For Indie it is strange to hear autotune but we can forgive that because of the quality of lyrics and the fact that her command of the English language is so compelling. This album is the kind of thing you’re not sure why you’re listening to, but you really want to hear every song. 

Watch her latest video here.

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