Rich Aucoin: ‘The Mind’ and it’s Like-minded Video

Canadian Indie Electronic musician, Rich Aucoin, has a reputation for creative and original music videos. Aucoin adds to his impressive collection with the release of the visuals for ‘The Mind’, the first single off of his widely anticipated third album entitled Release set to drop on the 17th of May via Haven Sounds.

Much of the videos beauty can be attributed to the choice of location, a stunning sea-side shot at different times of the day and in varying weather conditions. However, the quality of the video lies in how simple it is. Clever camera work, superb editing and a visually captivating costume, reminiscent of a Mylar or space blanket, blend harmoniously and compliment Rich Aucoin’s pulsating instrumental track.

Speaking on the track, Rich Aucoin explains, “This track is about the mind and therefore has no lyrics…”

The video appears to be similarly conceived, effectively communicating the organic efficiency, flexibility and boundlessness of the mind.
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