Singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks shares new song ‘Live One Life’

With a childhood spent in the San Francisco bay on horseback, surrounded by trees and immersed in witchcraft lore, Knick’s divine influences have long been her guiding light. This mystic, nature-bound upbringing shines through all her songs: otherworldly dream-pop beamed directly from the ether realm.

Now, on her new single ‘Live One Life’, Knick submerges herself entirely in her alter ego as she looks directly to the Nordic mythical legend of ‘Völuspa’ for divine inspiration.

‘Live One Life’ is a waking dream: throbbing synths, cascading piano and crystalline, ethereal vocals pull us deep into a stargazing pop song that ruminates on life, death, love, and rebirth. As driving beats and luscious synth arrangements propel the song forward, Völsupa poses an eternal question on the song’s refrain – ‘Do we ever really die?’

There are no easy answers to such big questions, but ‘Live One Life’ remains hopeful and philosophical, and it is here Knick fully embodies the persona of Völsupa – all-mighty, all-knowing, eternal and omnipresent, as she announces to the listener ‘My love for you can never die.’

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