DJ Fonkynson captivates in song ‘Givin U Up’

Image: Adrian Villagomez

DJ/music producer has released his latest international and highly collaborative work, his new album titled Falling. The album is his most exciting work to date, featuring musicians and singers from all walks of life. Four Four share their lovely remarks on the new single, “With the captivating collaboration of the vocal stylings of  Desiire and KÔSA and Fonkynson thoughtful soundscape placement does not overpower the vocals and vice versa.”

The music producer speaks about his new music,“‘Giving U Up’, that came from the idea of love being given a second chance. Sometimes in romance and relationships, we are often not able to start over and begin and this song allowed to write about the experience but in a positive way. I’m very proud of this one, the vocal duo work is amazing, and I learnt a lot as a producer, mixing and editing so many vocal tracks wasn’t in my skill set.”

Fonkynson does some soul searching and steps out of his comfort zone as a producer, meeting his cosmic connections in the process. ‘Givin U Up’ feels like it was written in the stars. Everything on this track, and EP shines bright in its own unique light, and that is credited to the pure talent of both the singers and  Fonkynson.

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