Songstress døssi shares emotional single, ‘behold’

Image credit: Monica Engeseth (aka Moyka) 

Bergen’s døssi is back with “behold“, her second stunning track of 2021. The song is the third track to be taken from her debut EP, and it’s out today via the city’s GEMS label.

Following on from the fragile and beautiful “you, my everything” and last year’s “beloved sun“, døssi makes “behold” a kind of grieving process, addressing how we allow ourselves to heal. The guitars chime, there are washes of warm ambience and døssi’s voice is upfront and intimate. To top “behold” off, the track’s bridge features incredible double and triple tracked døssi harmonies as the refrain rings out “I feel it all / I feel it all”.

“Grief is lonely; even if someone supports us or tries to comfort us, we still have to get through it on our own,” says døssi. “The only thing that helps is usually just allowing yourself to cry. Open the channels and clear your head of thoughts. ‘behold’ is about enduring that loneliness and about wanting to be well.”

On allowing herself to be open to healing, the Norwegian adds:

It’s probably the world’s biggest cliché to write about loneliness and grief during the pandemic, but it’s good as well – to allow oneself to feel a little extra about it, and then let go. Another bluebird out in the world.”

“behold” is out now on GEMS.

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